Sunday, 14 August 2011

Getting to know meeeee...

In my next blog i shall post the story of my daughter but for now i thought it would be best to introduce myself... even if nobody reads this blog i feel it may be theraputic.
Well... I am a 23 year old woman from suffolk.
The most important thing about myself is that i have two very beautiful children,
A 6 year old girl Nevaeh (whom suffers with Marfan syndrome which inspired me to start this blog)
And a 4 year old boy Zayden  (Whom is autistic)
I love them both very much, they are my world! 
I work from home which enables me to keep a close eye on my daughters activity 
Which brings me to the fact i teach my children at home.
Hard work yes but imo it is worth it!
I LOVE cooking and baking (especially with my daughter)
And my children always love to eat what i make!
I love walking and keeping healthy which i am passing on to my children
Nevaeh needs to keep her heart healthy and as there is already some dilation i am dedicated
to making her good food and getting her to do some gentle excersise and of course enjoy life!
Her brother never gets left out though and they love eachother very much!
If you have gotton this far then thank you!

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