Monday, 14 November 2011

Heart scan today..

So we have Nevaehs next heart scan today and i am feeling really nervous (But i wont show her that)
She is still asleep but i know it has been worrying her too as like before she is being very clingy, emotional and hard work.
This is going to be a 24th birthday to remember! A friend said to me i should have made another appointment but this was the earliest available appointment they had and i think Nevaeh is much more important than a birthday.
I will have to go wake her up in a bit and remind her of the day ahead and get ready to go.

Wish us luck. <3


  1. Good luck with the heart scan! Mine is next month and they always make me so nervous. I go into the cardiology with this sense of DOOM!

  2. Thank you darling and good luck to you on all your future scans.